The Best Factory Paints for Yellow Cars of All Time

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If red is passion and danger, black is cool and menacing, and silver is just asleep--then a bright yellow car just screams, "HEY! OVER HERE!" Despite being the color of every daisy ever drawn in crayon, yellow is no wallflower. No matter what vehicle it sits on or what it is called, a yellow car simply screams for attention.

Even better for some, yellow is second only to white in its ability to hide crappy bodywork. Small wonder, then, it's become so popular among hot-rodders and hooligans of all types, whose desire to look good may well exceed their budget for doing so. Either way, as "high impact" colors go, nothing hits onlookers square in the eye like the visual hammer that is a bright yellow car!

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    Lotus Solar Yellow

    Lotus is a fairly small company -- and like most small companies, it doesn't often change what doesn't need to be changed. Lemon Yellow was Lotus' near default color from 1976 through 1991. It's PPG Code 83935, Autocolor code 0455. However, in the modern era, Lotus is more closely associated with a gorgeous pearl yellow known as Solar. Introduced in 2014, Solar has become quite popular as an aftermarket color among the tuner and super bike set.

    BASF code 751846.  

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    Viper Yellow

    Viper Yellow
    Photo: GT Car Lot

    Used from 1993 to 1998 on the first generation Viper, this was a color you simply could not escape if you cared anything about cars during this decade. Also known (unfortunately) as Dandelion Yellow.

    PPG code 83431, Dupont B9333 and Sherwin Williams 46948.  

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    Stinger Yellow

    Stinger Yellow
    Photo: PaintRef

    The latest and greatest of Chrysler's yellow shades, used almost exclusively on performance vehicles. A bit more mellow than the much brighter Detonator/Solar Yellow (PPG 912790), Stinger has a deeper, an almost pearlescent quality that causes it to turn slightly orange at certain angles.

    PPG code 931309 and BASF 885166.   

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    Ford Triple Yellow

    Ford Triple Yellow
    Photo: PaintRef

    This striking yellow is true to its name, being about three time the color of any other here listed. Introduced in 2015 for the Mustang (later Focus), Triple Yellow appears to shift from a bright Canary, to Mustard to Dark Ochre depending on the angle.

    Factory code M7338, PPG 937696 and BASF 913696.   

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    Lamborghini Giallo Evros

    This is what you might call the "modern" Lamborghini Yellow. A slightly deeper and more sophisticated shade than the old Superfly, Giallo does a much better job of highlighting the sharp character lines and angular surfaces modern Lamborghinis are known for. Somewhat comparable to Ford's Triple Yellow.

    PPG code 84902, BASF code 619640.   

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    GM Competition Yellow

    GM Competition Yellow
    Photo: PaintRef

    Used by both Chevrolet for the Corvette and Hummer for the H2. For many, competition Yellow is the definitive color for either of these vehicles produced from 1990 to 2007.

    Factory code WA9804, PPG code 4266 and Dupont B9058.

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