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The Most Memorable 'Palm Springs' Quotes

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When you're done laughing, take a couple minutes to vote for the best Palm Springs quotes. This new Hulu comedy, which took the Sundance Film Festival by storm earlier this year, is filled with funny lines. It's more than a comedy, though. There are some fairly deep ideas running through it, which lead to a few poignant one liners. 

Andy Samberg plays Nyles and Cristen Milioti is Sarah. Both are guests at the wedding of Sarah's sister. They sneak out during the reception and enter a cave, where they get sucked into a perpetual time loop. Actually, Nyles has already been there for an indeterminate period of time, but being forced to live the same day over and over is new to Sarah. She's none too happy about it, either. The film tracks what happens as these two individuals fall in love while simultaneously dealing with the stress of knowing each day will literally be the same. J.K. Simmons co-stars as Roy, a nemesis of Nyles, who is also stuck in the loop.

Palm Springs marks the directorial debut of Max Barbakow. The screenplay was written Andy Siara. Samberg produced the movie with his Lonely Island cohorts Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. 

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  • Sick Of Each Other
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    Sick Of Each Other

    Sarah: What if we get sick of each other?

    Nyles: We’re already sick of each other.

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  • Time Loop Situations
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    Time Loop Situations

    Nyles: I guess you followed me. It’s one of those infinite time loop situations you might have heard about.

    Sarah: That I might have heard about?

    Nyles: Yeah.

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  • People Don't Break Up With Me
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    People Don't Break Up With Me

    Nyles: We should break up.

    Misty: What?

    Nyles: You don't like me.

    Misty: I don't like you, but I don't think we should break up.

    Nyles: What?

    Misty: People don't break up with me!

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  • Huge Waste Of Time
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    Huge Waste Of Time

    Sarah: I drove all the way back home to Austin, and I still woke up here.

    Nyles: One time I smoked a bunch of crystal meth, and made it all the way to Equatorial Guinea. It was a huge waste of time.

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