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If you want to know, "What is the Best Paradise Lost album of all time?" or "What are the top Paradise Lost albums?" then this list will answer your questions. The gothic metal band has released a series of great albums throughout their long career, even pioneering there own genre of music and setting the stage for similar bands to come after them. List features albums like Host, Symbol of Life, and many more

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Draconian Times is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Paradise Lost Albums of All Time
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1. Enchantment
2. Hallowed Land
3. The Last Time
4. Forever Failure
5. Once Solemn
6. Shadowkings
7. Elusive Cure
8. Yearn for Change
9. Shades of God
10. Hands of Reason
11. I See Your Face
12. Jaded

Release Date: 1995

Artist: Paradise Lost

Tracks: The Last Time, Master of Misrule, Hallowed Land, Shadowkings, Forever Failure (video), Once Solemn, Once Solemn, Shadowkings, Shadowkings, Hallowed Land, Forever Failure, Walk Away, Elusive Cure, The Last Time, Elusive Cure, Jaded, Yearn for Change, Hands of Reason, Hands of Reason, The Last Time, Enchantment, Enchantment, Once Solemn, Shades of God, Shades of God, Forever Failure, Yearn for Change, I See Your Face, Hallowed Land, Last Desire (demo), I See Your Face, Forever Failure, The Last Time (video), The Last Time, Laid to Waste, Jaded, Hallowed Land (live video), Enchantment (demo)

Genres (Music): Doom metal, Gothic metal

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Icon is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Paradise Lost Albums of All Time
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1. Embers Fire
2. Remembrance
3. Forging Sympathy
4. Joys of the Emptiness
5. Dying Freedom
6. Widow
7. Colossal Rains
8. Weeping Words
9. Poison
10. True Belief
11. Shallow Seasons
12. Christendom
13. Deus Misereatur
14. Sweetness
15. Your Hand in Mine

Release Date: 1993

Artist: Paradise Lost

Producer: Simon Efemey

Tracks: Embers Fire, Widow, Weeping Words, Christendom, Deus Misereatur, Remembrance, Shallow Seasons, Joys of the Emptiness, Poison, Forging Sympathy, True Belief, Dying Freedom, Colossal Rains

Length (mins): 00:50:34

Genres (Music): Doom metal, Thrash metal, Gothic metal

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The Plague Within is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Paradise Lost Albums of All Time
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johnathanstarsmore added The Plague Within

1. No Hope in Sight
2. Terminal
3. An Eternity of Lies
4. Punishment Through Time
5. Beneath Broken Earth
6. Sacrifice the Flame
7. Victim of the Past
8. Flesh From Bone
9. Cry Out
10. Return to the Sun
11. Victim of the Past (orchestra version)

Release Date: 2015

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Tragic Idol is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Paradise Lost Albums of All Time
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1. Solitary One
2. Crucify
3. Fear of Impending Hell
4. Honesty in Death
5. Theories from Another World
6. In This We Dwell
7. To the Darkness
8. Tragic Idol
9. Worth Fighting For
10. The Glorious End

Release Date: 2012

Artist: Paradise Lost

Tracks: Fear of Impending Hell, In This We Dwell, Honesty in Death, True Belief, One Second, Theories From Another World, Tragic Idol, The Glorious End, Worth Fighting For, Crucify, Solitary One, Never Take Me Alive, Say Just Words, Ending Through Changes, To the Darkness

Genres (Music): Doom metal, Gothic metal

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