The Best Comedies On Paramount+

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The best comedy movies on Paramount+ will have you holding your sides to keep them from splitting. You'll be laughing so hard at these funny Paramount+ films that you might have to hold back tears. There are classic Paramount+ comedies like Clue and Roman Holiday but there are more kid friendly options such as Hey Arnold!: The Movie and The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run. You will also find a few action comedies as well starring Jackie Chan, so if you like a little butt-kicking with your funny movies be sure to check Super Cop and Wheels on Meals.

But which one of these Paramount+ comedies should be at the top of the list? You get to help decide by voting up your favorite funny movies and vote down any films that you think other comedy fans should skip so the best comedies on Paramount+ rise to the top. Be sure to check back as more movies are added to the list once they become available on Paramount+.