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The Best Ghost Hunting Paranormal Reality Shows

Updated October 8, 2020 2.5k votes 192 voters 4.2k views44 items

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Paranormal reality shows deliver frightful adventures in a reality TV style that makes them all the more terrifying. The best paranormal investigation shows are often about looking for ghosts, but what are the best ghost hunting shows? This list includes some of the creepiest, greatest ghost series ever to help you hunt down the next paranormal reality show on your watch list.

Ghostly paranormal reality series offer everything from famous folks recounting their own ghostly encounters on Celebrity Ghost Stories to professional ghost hunters tracking down spectral intruders. Hearing ghost stories on shows like Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks is better than any campfire tale, and the cast of shows such as Ghost Lab and Fear may hiding from rather than hunting the ghosts in their haunted houses, but the spectral spirit is there.

Which paranormal reality series offer the best ghost stories and haunting hunts? Vote up the best ghost hunting shows and add any ghost hunting series that are missing.

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