The Best Psychic & Medium Paranormal Reality Shows

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Paranormal reality shows featuring psychics and mediums deliver ghostly stories in a reality TV style that makes them all the more astonishing. The best paranormal psychic shows are often about looking for finishing the unsolved business of those recently lost, but what are the best psychic and medium shows? This list includes some of the most mysterious, greatest psychic series ever to help you summon up the next paranormal reality show on your watch list.

Some shows starring psychics and mediums are on the investigative side of paranormal reality series. Psychic Detectives and Psychic Investigators both document stories of criminal cases assisted or solved through the work of psychics. Other psychic series follow mediums who assist the living in speaking with their lost loved ones, such as Crossing Over With John Edward, or with those who can't easily speak for themselves, like the Pet Psychic. There are even competitive reality series where psychics set their skills against one another.

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