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The Best Horror Movies About Parenting

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Parenting can be scary. Talk to anyone with children and they'll tell you that the fear of messing up their kids is a prime concern. The best scary movies about parenting do nothing to placate those worries. Horror films have been mining this subject for decades. It's easy to see why. Tapping into something pretty much all parents feel is a great way to get audiences nice and creeped out. 

Many horror movies about moms and dads have their protagonists protecting children from some form of harm. Who could forget The Exorcist, in which frightened mother Ellen Burstyn asks a priest to remove the demon that has overtaken her daughter? Others are more about a parent struggling with their own feelings regarding their child. The Babadook, for instance, features a mom who blames her son for the untimely passing of her husband, and therefore struggles with ambivalent emotions. And then there are the pictures in which a parent tries to comprehend the eerie or troubling behavior of their offspring. Goodnight Mommy is about as powerful an example of that as you'll find. 

The following list contains all three types. Some of the films have the parenting angle front and center, while in others, it's one key component in a larger story. Which of them gives you the most severe chills? Which keep you up at night when you think about their themes? Vote up your favorite horror movies about parenting.

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