The Best Jean-Ralphio Episodes of 'Parks and Rec'

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The world would be a better place if we were all a little more Jean-Ralphio and a little less Councilman Jamm. Okay, so maybe Parks and Rec's Jean-Ralphio isn't perfect, but his boundless optimism, constant catchphrases, and supremely coifed hair are all traits that the world could use a bit more of. And while it doesn't look like the world is trending in that direction, thankfully we have the world of Pawnee to escape into whenever we need a little of Jean-Ralphio's sage advice. Because "when life gives you lemons, you sell some of your grandma's jewelry and you go clubbing."

It's no coincidence that the best Parks and Recreation episodes almost always feature a bit of the OG, Jean-Ralphio. While Parks and Rec is known for its optimism and absurdity, whenever an episode leans a little heavier on the Jean-Ralphio action, that optimism and absurdity are amped up by 1000. The best Jean-Ralphio episodes of Parks and Recreation often have seen the Ben Schwartz-portrayed character annoying the hell out of the Parks Department, starting a new business with Tom, or just generally not understanding how life works. So while Jean-Ralphio himself would hate the responsibility that comes with being in some of the best episodes of the show, as fans of Parks and Rec we're here for letting Jean-Ralphio turn our frizown upsidizity.

So let's put on our best clothes washed with Sparkle Suds, head on over to Entertainment 720, get run over by a Lexus, and rank the best Jean-Ralphio episodes of Parks and Rec.

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    One Last Ride

    One Last Ride
    Photo: NBC

    Everyone is gathered at the Parks and Recreation office to say goodbye to one another. Throughout the episode, there are flash forwards to show the future of each character. Jean-Ralphio's future finds him faking his own death to get insurance money, but he gets caught when he sneaks into his own funeral.

    Memorable Quotes:

    John Ralphio & Mona-Lisa: [Singing] Don't be suspicious.

    Leslie: [Saying goodbye] Jean-Ralphio, although I truly hope that I never see you again, I do wish you a long and happy life.

    • Original Airing: February 24, 2015
    • Season: Parks and Recreation - Season 7
    • Episode Number: 12 & 13
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    Woman of the Year

    Woman of the Year
    Photo: NBC

    Tom reveals that part-ownership in a nightclub is a long-time dream of his, so he seeks assistance from Jean-Ralphio, who contributes $5,000. Donna considers joining Tom in the business venture, but she quickly reconsiders after meeting Jean-Ralphio. Elsewhere, the fast-talking budding-entrepreneur finds time to hit on April.

    Memorable Quotes:

    Jean-Ralphio: What up, Big Teeeeeee...stop. This must be the lovely Donna. Enchanté. Listen beautiful, let's cut the bull, alright? You want this. I definitely want this. T.H. wants this. Let's seal this devil's threeway right here, right now. Step one: We buy into this club. Step two: We roll over to the club, either in your Mercedes-Benz or my pre-owned Acura Legend. Step three: I dagger you on the dancefloor. Just bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, now all the ladies sayin', bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. What do you say, sexy?
    Donna: I'm out.
    Tom: Why?!
    Donna: I hate that guy.

    Jean-Ralphio: You wanna come home with me?
    April Ludgate: Don't you work at Lady Footlocker?

    • Original Airing: March 04, 2010
    • Season: Parks and Recreation - Season 2
    • Episode Number: 17
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    Photo: NBC

    Dr. Saperstein, Jean-Ralphio's father, tells Tom he is destroying Rent-A-Swag to get back at him for ruining his children's lives. Tom asks Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa to confess their lies to their father – that Rent-A-Swag was Jean-Ralphio's idea and Tom stole it – but Dr. Saperstein is not interested in closing Tommy's Closet. Tom ends up selling Rent-A-Swag to Dr. Saperstien and moves on to his next business venture, Tom's Bistro.

    Memorable Quotes:

    Jean-Ralphio: When life gives you lemons, you sell some of your grandma's jewelry and you go clubbin'.

    Tom Haverford: [Speaking to Dr. Saperstein about Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa] Your son, he's my best friend, he's like a brother to me, but he's a disaster. And your daughter, she needs to be put in a mental institution. On an island. In space.

    • Original Airing: September 26, 2013
    • Season: Parks and Recreation - Season 6
    • Episode Number: 1 & 2
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  • End of the World
    Photo: NBC

    When Entertainment 720 goes bankrupt, Tom and Jean-Ralphio decide to hold a huge “end of the world” party in their office since the lease is not up until the next day. Jean-Ralphio invites Tom's ex, Lucy, to the party in an attempt to hook-up with her.

    Memorable Quotes:

    Jean-Ralphio: The entire party's a VIP area.
    Tom: There's also a double-VIP area.
    Jean-Ralphio: A triple VIP area.
    Tom: And a centurion club elite VIP area.
    Jean-Ralphio: Sponsered by Sobe Life Water.
    Tom: No one's allowed in there, not even us.

    • Original Airing: November 03, 2011
    • Season: Parks and Recreation - Season 4
    • Episode Number: 6
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  • When Entertainment 720 plans the event for Li'l Sebastian's memorial, Jean-Ralphio encourages Tom to come work with him on the company, but Tom is reluctant to leave his city hall job. The show proves to be a great success – thanks in part to unexpected pyrotechnics – and Tom decides to leave his government job to work at Entertainment 720.

    Memorable Quotes:

    Jean-Ralphio: I hope you brought a change of clothes, because your eyes are about to piss tears.

    Jean-Ralphio: I made my money the old fashioned way. I got run over by a Lexus.

    • Original Airing: May 19, 2011
    • Season: Parks and Recreation - Season 3
    • Episode Number: 16
    • Series: Parks and Recreation
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    Citizen Knope
    Photo: NBC

    Leslie Knope is serving a two-week suspension from her job, but insists on sneaking back into her office to grab work to do at home, which Chris Traeger disallows. Meanwhile Jean-Ralphio gives Ben career advice.

    Memorable Quotes:

    Jean-Ralphio: Why don’t you use that time to go after one of your passions? Like model trains, or toy Gandalfs or something.
    Ben: I don’t know why you jumped straight to model trains. I mean, it’s accurate…

    Barney: Welcome, Mr. Saperstein.
    Jean-Ralphio: Thanks so much!
    Barney: I will just show you to your cubicle.
    Jean-Ralphio: I can't wait. I bet it's a big one, huh Barney?
    Barney: The temp agency said that you are fluent in QuickBooks Pro, correct?
    Jean-Ralphio: Oh right yeah, we should cover that. Y'see, my resume might not actually be accurate, right? So I have no idea what you're talking about. Don't know what QuickBooks are.
    Barney: You don't have any accounting experience?
    Jean-Ralphio: No, no, no, Barney, c'mon. But you don't have to be an accountant to know that this girl is a 10. [to the woman] Yo, what up, Diaz? Come here often?
    Woman: To my job?
    Jean-Ralphio: Oh, sharp mouth on her also. Shut it.
    Woman: Is this the new temp who's supposed to help me with the spreadsheets?
    Jean-Ralphio: You wanna talk about spreading the sheets, we can go back to my place and I will rock your-
    Barney: You're fired!
    Jean-Ralphio: That makes sense. So I just go out the same way I came in?

    • Original Airing: December 08, 2011
    • Season: Parks and Recreation - Season 4
    • Episode Number: 10
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