The Best Parks and Recreation Characters

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Who are the best characters on the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation? Well, that depends. The town of Pawnee is full of colorful characters who are beloved by fans and all have their own fun quirks and traits. The award-winning NBC sitcom ran for seven wonderful seasons and this list of the the top characters from Parks and Rec offers the definitive answer to who is better: Ron or Leslie, Ann or April, Andy, or Jerry?

From Parks and Recreation's main characters, like Leslie Knope, Ben Wyatt, and Ron Swanson, to the excellent supporting cast, including Perd Hapley, Joan Calamezzo, and Orin (remember Orin?!), fans of Parks know that choosing their favorite Pawnee citizens is a real Sophie's Choice. They're all great in their own ways, but someone has to be the best.

Whether you think the greatest Parks and Recreation character is Donna, or you'd like to discuss the darker side of life with April Ludgate, everyone has their favorite Parks characters. One of the coolest things about the Parks and Recreation cast is how different all the characters are.

No matter who you think is the coolest cat in Pawnee, this list of Parks and Recreation characters needs your votes. Cast them now for the characters you think are the absolute best from NBC Parks and Recreation to have your voice heard on this ultimate ranking of the greatest characters from one of the best TV series of all time.

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  • Ron Swanson
    3,011 votes
    Nick Offerman

    Ron Swanson epitomizes a manly man who loves woodworking, meat, and privacy. As the Director of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department, he often clashes with Leslie Knope's enthusiasm for government work. Ron is also known for his iconic mustache, love for Lagavulin scotch, and his aversion to government intervention.

  • Andy Dwyer
    2,755 votes
    Chris Pratt

    Chris Pratt plays Andy Dwyer, a lovable but bumbling shoeshine boy-turned-shoe salesman-turned-musician. Andy is a loyal friend to his bandmate April Ludgate and later becomes romantically involved with her. Despite his lack of intelligence and occasional immaturity, Andy always tries his best and has a big heart.

  • April Ludgate
    2,686 votes
    Aubrey Plaza

    Aubrey Plaza portrays April Ludgate, a sardonic and apathetic intern at the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department who eventually becomes a full-time employee. April is married to Andy Dwyer and is a close friend of Leslie Knope. Despite her often negative outlook on life, April is fiercely loyal to those she cares about.

  • Leslie Knope
    2,352 votes
    Amy Poehler

    Leslie Knope is the deputy director of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department and the main character of the TV series Parks and Recreation. She is an optimistic and dedicated woman who is passionate about her job and loves her hometown of Pawnee. Leslie dreams of becoming the first female President of the United States and works tirelessly to turn a construction pit into a park, overcoming numerous government obstacles.

  • Ben Wyatt
    2,164 votes
    Adam Scott

    Adam Scott plays Ben Wyatt, a state auditor who comes to Pawnee to help balance the town's budget. Ben is initially uptight and socially awkward, but he quickly develops a close friendship and romantic relationship with Leslie Knope. He is also a big fan of the television series Game of Thrones.

  • Jerry Gergich
    1,835 votes

    Jerry Gergich

    Jim O'Heir

    Jim O'Heir portrays Jerry Gergich, a bumbling and accident-prone employee of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department. Despite being the subject of constant teasing and ridicule from his coworkers, Jerry is a devoted husband and father who is kind to everyone he meets.