The Best Movies From Pathé, Ranked

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Here is a list of all the movies that are produced by or distributed by Pathé, such as Chicken Run, Bright Star, and Disneynature’s Oceans. Pathé’s film credits span across all genres including dramas, comedies, action, documentaries, and thrillers. With such a long history as a production and distribution studio, Pathé continues to put out quality films, including but not limited to Selma and 127 hours, films that saw several Oscar nominations between them.

But which of these movies are the greatest Pathé films? It's time to decide with the help of your votes. Vote up your favorite Pathé movies and vote down the ones you didn't like to make sure the right film makes it to the top of the list. Check back regularly for new and recent Pathé movies as they are released. Don't see your favorite Pathé movie on the list? Feel free to add it.

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  • The Angel of the Night

    The Angel of the Night

  • Selma
  • Alone in Berlin

    Alone in Berlin

  • Antoinette Sabrier

    Antoinette Sabrier

  • As Long As I Live

    As Long As I Live

  • The Blaireau Case

    The Blaireau Case

  • Come What May

    Come What May

  • Fantomas Against Fantomas

    Fantomas Against Fantomas

  • Buridan's Donkey

    Buridan's Donkey