The Best Paul Rudd Movies

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Paul Rudd is a Hollywood legend. A beloved figure in the film industry, he has embodied a wide-ranging cast of characters throughout his two decades in show business. Though his boyish good looks and affable charm may make him appear to only be suited for lighthearted comedies, Paul has also shown himself to be an adept dramatic actor as well.

This list of the best Paul Rudd movies brings together fans from around the world who have voted on their favorite films featuring this iconic actor. What sets these particular movies apart? Is it his impeccable comedic timing or perhaps it’s the emotional depth that he brings to each role? Either way, there's no doubt that you can find something here for any movie fan. Popular Paul Rudd movies include Ant-Man, Clueless, Role Models, and I Love You, Man.

With so many great titles on offer - from hilarious hijinks to heartfelt emotion – you'll certainly find something fulfilling after browsing through this expertly curated selection of Paul Rudd's greatest hits. So don't miss out; check out these top picks today and vote up your favorites.

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