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The 30+ Best PC Action Games on Steam

Updated May 25, 2021 1.1k votes 167 voters 5.0k views42 items

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If you're looking for the best PC action games on Steam, look no further. This list ranks the best PC action games you can buy on Steam, ranging from cult classics to brand new action titles that are receiving great reviews.

It's interesting that action can be such a broad category when referring to games. For example, Cuphead is an excellent PC action game on Steam, but it's far different from other Steam action games like Batman: Arkham Asylum, or Dark Souls. No matter what kind of action game you're looking for on Steam, the games on this list all offer the challenging combat and fast-paced gameplay that you're looking for in a PC action title.

Which one's better, the beat-'em-up where you remix enemies' memories, or the desert wasteland simulator where you fight psychopaths in a post-apocalyptic Australia? Vote up the PC action games on this list that you feel is superior to all the others, in terms of fun and intensity.