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The Best Fighting Games On Steam

Updated September 15, 2020 3.5k votes 602 voters 20.3k views40 items

From the arcade cabinet to your home TV, fighting games have been around since the earliest days of gaming and are still going strong — for good reason. It can be tough finding good PC fighting games, as the genre is usually reserved for console players. For that reason, we've ranked the 20+ best PC fighting games on Steam, from popular titles like Injustice 2 to classics like Skullgirls.

If you're looking for a Smash Brothers clone for PC, check out Brawlhalla or Rivals of Aether. Neither are as good as the game they pay tribute to, but they're both definitely tons of fun. There are some good anime fighting games on Steam as well, including Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and One Piece Pirate Warriors 3.

Their premise of easy to play hard to master gameplay has stood the test of time like no other genre, typically featuring just two fighters on a two-dimensional map destined to knock the teeth out of each other. But between elaborate combos that require expert precision and memorization, flashy super moves that encourage newcomers to join the fun, and an overall sense of over-the-top competition that no other genre has, it's no surprise that fighters are here to stay.

Vote up the best Steam fighting games below that you've played, or simply use this page as a recommendation guide for finding fighting games that are worth buying.