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The Best First Person Shooter Games On Steam

Updated October 2, 2020 4.4k votes 493 voters 15.8k views52 items

First person shooters are the pinnacle of shooting games on PC. If you're just making the move over from console, or are simply a long time fan of FPS games, then this list of PC first person shooter games on Steam will definitely provide you with some great recommendations.

There are a ton of epic shooter games on Steam to fill your precious gaming time without feeling like you're wasting it. Put yourself in the shoes of an ordinary Black Mesa scientist, Gordon Freeman, who is having a bad day at work in the classic PC FPS game that started it all, Half-Life.  Or step away from sci-fi and jump into present-day Montana in the free roam game Far Cry 5, an excellent PC first person shooter that you can buy on Steam.

Whether you're in need of fast paced speed like in CS:GO or want to get lost in another world like BioShock, this list of first person shooter games on Steam should point you in the right direction. Vote up all FPS games on Steam that are worth playing, regardless of how new or old they are.