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The 25+ Best PC Hack And Slash Games On Steam

Updated October 2, 2020 2.2k votes 360 voters 18.6k views44 items

When you're browsing Steam for hack and slash games, it's easy to get lost and frustrated by their inaccurate tagging system. Fortunately, this list is here to point you to all the best PC hack and slash games that Steam has to offer, as ranked by gamers around the world. Whether you're looking to button mash your way through a game or defeat a final boss with intricate combos and dodges, these hack and slash games will deliver in spades.

Become a Viking, samurai, or knight, and carry your team to the top of the charts in the multiplayer hack and slash game For Honor. If you're looking for something really casual and fun, you and some buddies could team up and storm the gate in Castle Crashers. And if RPG hack and slash games are more your style, become one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse in Darksiders II.

Vote up all your favorite hack and slash PC games so others will know which ones are best without having to waste time with demos or reviews. If you have played any of these titles and didn't enjoy them, you can vote them down.