The Best Horror Games On Steam

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There are tons of good horror games on Steam, but which games are really worth buying? This list seeks to answer that question by ranking the best horror games available right now. It seems like developers are making a lot of scary games on Steam these days, which is great in theory, but it also makes it kind of difficult to find the spookiest games Steam has to offer. What do you think are the top 10 best horror games in the Steam Store?

Below you'll find a ranked list of what other gamers believe to be the scariest horror games on Steam, including popular indie horror games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, as well as super popular titles like Left 4 Dead 2, Resident Evil 4,  and Phasmophobia. One of the newer horror games on Steam is Observer, a cyberpunk horror game that messes with your head through a series of puzzles and crazy flashbacks. And if you're looking for free Steam horror games, The Grounding is a solid choice.

Vote up the top PC horror games that had the hair on your neck standing, and vote down all the duds.

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  • Resident Evil 7

    Resident Evil 7

    235 votes
    • Developer: Capcom

    In Resident Evil 7, you're thrown into a horrifyingly immersive world of the Baker family estate, seeking your missing wife while trying to survive the infected inhabitants. The game amps up the paranoia with its switch to a first-person perspective, taking you through some genuinely heart-stopping moments. Many fans laud it for injecting new life into a somewhat stale franchise by pushing the envelope of the survival horror genre.

  • Outlast
    265 votes
    • Developer: Red Barrels

    As journalist Miles Upshur, you navigate through a decrepit psychiatric hospital filled with homicidal patients in Outlast. Armed with only a camcorder and quick reflexes, the game focuses more on evasion and stealth instead of combat. Between the enticing story, jump scares and an atmosphere thick with dread, it's no surprise that Outlast took the gaming community by storm.

  • Alien: Isolation

    Alien: Isolation

    184 votes
    • Developer: The Creative Assembly

    Alien Isolation thrusts players into a lose-lose scenario as Amanda Ripley, pitted against an unbeatable Xenomorph aboard the desolate Sevastopol Space Station. A perfect blend of stealth, survival and strategy-driven gameplay keeps players on toes, whereas isolation ramps up the fear-factor. It’s one of those games that rekindles the old "less is more" horror spirit, making it a masterpiece in suspenseful gaming.

    • Developer: Frictional Games

    Playing as Daniel with no memory of your past, you find yourself traversing a dark, eerie castle while being stalked by a gruesome creature in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The game emphasizes the importance of staying in the light, making every moment feel like a desperate struggle for survival. This title redefined the whole genre and its influence is seen throughout many horror games that followed.

  • Visage


    101 votes
    • Developer: SadSquare Studio

    Visage sets you in a sinister, ever-changing house filled with eerie apparitions and a haunting backstory. Its slow-burning pace and reliance on environmental scares builds a palpable sense of dread, allowing players to feel every chill. Visage's terrifyingly realistic graphics make it an unforgettable journey and a benchmark for psychological horror.

  • Phasmophobia
    194 votes
    • Developer: Kinetic Games

    Phasmophobia offers a unique multiplayer experience where you work with your team of paranormal investigators to gather evidence of the supernatural. This game cleverly uses voice recognition to communicate with the spirits, which adds a new layer of terror. With its innovative gameplay mechanics, Phasmophobia certainly takes the crown for one of the most exciting co-op horror games to date.