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The 30+ Best PC Indie Games on Steam

From 2D puzzle platform games to full fledged 3D titles, these PC indie games on Steam are sure to tickle that indie gaming pickle. From small teams to single developers, indie games on PC have brought out everyone's creativity in the best way possible. There are a staggering amount of PC indie games on Steam right now, but hopefully this list can narrow it down to a select few for you to try.

There are programming puzzle indie games on Steam like Opus Magnum or Hexcells Infinite. If story-based and atmospheric indie video games are more your thing, then try out Finding Paradise or Bastion. Investigate your suspicious neighbor and find out what's really going on in the Steam indie game, Hello Neighbor. Or attempt to make it to the top of a mountain as a naked man in an iron cauldron, only to find your dreams and hard work are crushed to dust as you watch all your progress pass before your eyes, in Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.

Take a look below to see which Steam indie video games have taken the top spots. It's up to you to vote on your favorite PC indie games to insure they climb higher on the list! 

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