The 20+ Best PC Lego Games on Steam

You wouldn't think building block toys would translate well into video games, but somehow the Lego franchise made it happen. There are tons of great PC Lego games on Steam, but why does Valve make it so hard to find them? Since their tagging system is weird, let's rank the best Steam Lego games that really deserve some attention.

If the force is strong in you, then Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a fun Lego game for PC that will keep you entertained for hours. Is protecting your city as a caped crusader more your thing? Try Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. The great things about these Lego games on Steam is that they are enjoyable for both adults and children, so they're definitely great choices when it comes to gaming with your family.

If your favorite PC Lego game on Steam isn't already on the list, go ahead and add it so that other gamers can not only see your suggestion, but vote on it as well.

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