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The 25+ Best PC Multiplayer Games On Steam

Updated February 25, 2019 2.2k votes 274 voters 9.3k views31 items

So you're browsing Steam for some multiplayer games, but their system is just not helping you find what you're looking for. Sound familiar? Luckily for you, this list ranks the best PC multiplayer games on Steam, so you should have no trouble finding a great new title to play with your friends (or strangers).

These Steam multiplayer games run the gamut from sports titles like Rocket League to puzzle games like Portal 2, so no matter what you like, you're bound to find a PC multiplayer game below that you'll enjoy. There are even weird indie multiplayer games on Steam like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, the game where you cooperate with others to defuse a bomb.

What is your favorite multiplayer game for PC? Vote up the co-op games on Steam that you think other players should download, and vote down any titles that you played and didn't really care for.