The 20+ Best PC Open World Games on Steam

It's easy to escape reality in open world games on PC, especially with graphics becoming more realistic every day. We can become immersed more than ever before with these open world Steam games, but which titles are actually worth checking out? Since Steam's tagging system is a little wonky, let's rank the best PC open world games currently available on Steam.

Free roam video games seem to give you endless options when exploring them for the first time. Steam multiplayer open world games like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and ARMA III let you see what your made of against real players. Cause unlimited mayhem in these destructible free roam games Just Cause 3 and Red Faction: Guerilla. If you want a PC open world game where you can take down oppressive dictators, Far Cry 4 and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands are titles you should check out.

Don't get caught wasting time on other games when there's a settlement that needs your help, or a band of raiders that need to be hunted down and killed. Vote below on which Steam open world games you think are worth exploring, and downvote any titles you've played but didn't enjoy.

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