The Best PC Platformer Games On Steam

It's one of the oldest genres in gaming, so you know there are plenty of good PC platforming games available on Steam. In fact, the platform genre just might be the most robust on all of Steam, featuring a wide array of games from classics like Super Meat Boy and Spelunky to newer titles like Hollow Knight.

Start with some classic platforming games like Sonic Mania, or skip ahead generations and try newer Steam platform games like Cuphead or Iconoclasts. When you've grown tired of feeling flat, you can jump into 3D platform Steam games like A Hat in Time. Head to the stars and discover planets in the crafting platform Steam game Starbound.

We wanted to make it easier to find the best PC platformer games on Steam, so we put together this list of the most well-received titles. From multiplayer games to RPG classics and more, vote up all your favorite games to see which popular platformers reach the top of the list.


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