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The 20+ Best PC Real-Time Strategy Games on Steam

Updated January 23, 2018 625 votes 84 voters 2.6k views25 items

Real-time strategy is one of the defining genres of PC gaming. If you know the pains of patiently building up an army, leading them across an unknown plain to surprise your enemy, only to find out they have spent that time on defenses and they effortlessly destroy your army in an instant, then you are probably a RTS gamer. You can relive those feelings all over again with this list of the best RTS games on Steam, and we're letting you vote on which you think are the best PC real-time strategy games that are worth playing.

From fantasy real-time strategy games like Dungeons 3 to Sci-fi RTS games like Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, you should find at least one good Steam RTS game on this list that delivers what you're looking for. There are even classic RTS games on Steam like Age of Empires II HD, as well as brand new PC RTS games like They Are Billions.

We've found the best PC real-time strategy games on Steam, and put them all on one list so you don't have to go through the hassle of searching the Steam store. If there are any real-time strategy video games on Steam that we forgot, go ahead and add them to the list for others to discover.