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The Best Rhythm Games On Steam

Updated October 2, 2020 4.8k votes 1.6k voters 44.7k views26 items

Tap your feet to the beat as you play the best rhythm games on Steam. Since it can be hard to navigate the Steam Store, we're ranking the best PC rhythm games right here on this list. From traditional rhythm games on the PC to innovative indie titles that put a twist on the genre, this list runs the gamut.

Step into the music and block incoming missiles to the beat of your choice with the VR rhythm game Audioshield. Speed your way through a beautiful nightmare in the indie rhythm game Thumper. Steam even has a few arcade shooter rhythm games like Rez Infinite and Beat Da Beat. Let the level shape around you to the beat of an amazing soundtrack in the platforming rhythm game 140. You can become an arena-ready guitar player in a few weeks with the educational rhythm game Rocksmith 2014 Edition.

If none of those sound good, then browse our list below! There are so many good PC rhythm games on Steam, so you're bound to find something you'll enjoy. Vote up the titles you've played and enjoyed, and downvote any Steam rhythm games you wouldn't recommend to others.