The Best RPGs On Steam Right Now

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So you're looking for some good RPGs on Steam, but you're frustrated browsing the Steam store and seeing titles that feel like they don't belong, right? We got you. That's why we're ranking the best RPGs available on Steam, with the help of votes from gamers like you. Which PC RPGs do you think are worth playing? Games like Deus Ex, The Witcher, and more modern inclusions like Undertale continue to redefine the standards for PC RPGs, so that question is really hard to answer.

From indie role-playing games on Steam to AAA titles like Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim, let this list be a recommendation guide for seeing which titles are considered the best role-playing games on Steam. It can be tough choosing a game to buy when you only have enough cash for one title, so vote up all your favorite role-playing games so other gamers can see which titles to check out next.

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  • A gripping tale of love, loss, and monsters takes center stage in the sprawling landscapes of The Witcher 3. Fans rave over its razor-sharp narrative, gritty yet fluid combat, and a consequential decision-making system. This gem took the genre by storm, leaving gamers and developers to aspire its high bar of storytelling.

  • Skyrim plants you in a rich, sprawling world of dragons and drama where you write your own epic song. You'll be hooked as you explore seminally immersive landscapes, engage in satisfyingly complex combat, and navigate intricate skill trees. From bustling city centers to windswept tundras, Skyrim's monumental influence on open-world RPGs is undeniable.

  • Fallout: New Vegas
    382 votes

    New Vegas deals you into a post-apocalyptic poker game where your choices determine the fate of Sin City's struggling factions. This blackjack of an RPG has a sterling reputation for branching narratives, tactical VATS combat, and a sprawling desert full of secrets to unearth. New Vegas is a testament to how depth and player choice can elevate a game into cult classic status.

  • Interweaving a tale of gods and outcasts, Divinity: Original Sin II packs a powerful punch with its fusion of narrative depth, intuitive combat, and interactive storytelling. This gem is a masterclass in turn-based strategy with choices that matter. It shows it's entirely possible to make old-school RPG mechanics feel new and fresh.

  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    148 votes

    The heart of Tamriel invites you on a quest to foil a daedric lord's plans in Oblivion. The game ticks all boxes, with its fusion of sophisticated combat, near-limitless exploration, and a multitude of quests that change the game world. Oblivion's illustrious legacy on open-world RPGs can still be felt in games today.

  • Morrowind sucks you into its enigmatic world where you become the hero of prophetic legends. Celebrated for its pioneering open-world design, deeply immersive lore, and innovative magic and combat system, it's a seasoned adventurer's dream come true. Its impact on RPG gaming landscape is colossal, setting the pace for future Bethesda titles.