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The Best Sandbox Games On Steam

Updated October 2, 2020 5.7k votes 659 voters 22.6k views30 items

As a child, playing in the sandbox meant being creative and using your imagination. The same can be said of these PC sandbox games, as they all let you explore and discover what awaits in a free-roaming environment. From survival free-roam games to building and creation games, these sandbox games on Steam span across all genres. 

You can survive in the Mojave wastelands while you try to deliver your last package in Fallout: New Vegas. Board your space ship and discover endless worlds on which to build your settlements in the procedurally generated sandbox games No Man's Sky and Starbound. See what your brain can come up with because there's endless creativity when it comes to funny, creative sandbox games like Besiege and Garry's Mod

What happens in the sandbox stays in the sandbox. At least, until someone clips that. Vote up all your favorite sandbox games on the PC, and vote down the ones you wouldn't recommend.