The 25+ Best PC Strategy Games on Steam

There's a special genre of games for players who want total control over vast armies or fleets of spaceships, a genre for the kind of gamer yearning to lead massive forces to victory on the battlefield or guide an armada towards intergalactic conquest. We get you, which is why we've ranked the best PC strategy games on Steam that are worth playing. If you've ever tried searching Steam for strategy games, you can see how muddled their search results are. Luckily for you this list is ranked by other PC strategy game enthusiasts like yourself, ensuring that the best titles will appear towards the top of the list.

From newer titles like XCOM 2 to classics like Civilization IV, all the best Steam strategy games are ranked below. We've included some retro PC strategy games like Rollercoaster Tycoon in case you're in a nostalgic mood.

A near-infinite number of obstacles face gamers intent on exploring the strategy genre, be it the cost-effectiveness of building the ultimate rollercoaster amusement park or deciding which building projects receive federal funding. The only thing that matters is that you're in control of it all, and for that you'll need more than a bit of strategy--something each of these games demand in spades. 

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