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The 25+ Best PC Vampire Games On Steam

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If vampire games for PC is what you crave, then this list has you covered. Forget about trying to search Steam for vampire games - their tagging system is wonky, and you'll most likely just get frustrated by their bad results. This list ranks the best PC vampire games on Steam, and since the order of the games is influenced by your votes, this is the truest opinion of which of these games are actually good.

There are a few good Castlevania games for PC that you can buy on Steam, and though they aren't the best in the series, they are still worth checking out. Other popular PC vampire games include Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, and Dracula: Love Kills.

If your favorite PC vampire game on Steam isn't already on the list, go ahead and add it so that other gamers can not only see your suggestion, but vote on it as well.