The Best Penn State Football Players of All Time

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For years, Penn State was known as one of the great bastions of Northeastern football. Located in State College, PA, the school is known for having some of the greatest college football teams in NCAA history. Some of the best college football players of all time have emerged from the school that's nicknamed "Linebacker U."

The storied history of Penn State has resulted in national championships and a loyal, devoted fan and alumni base who proudly call themselves "Penn Staters." However, the players aren't slouches either. Franco Harris and Jack Ham are two Hall of Fame players who attended Penn State and were forces on the gridiron in both college and the NFL. In the 1990s, players like Kerry Collins, Ki-Jana Carter, and Kyle Brady bridged the program's success into the next generation, while the 2000s saw running back Larry Johnson carry the team to greatness.

Who are the best players in Penn State history? Well, that depends on who you ask. If you like hard-nosed, rugged football, you'll pick a defensive player. Though knowing Penn State's football history, if you like that brand of football, you may select an offensive lineman who paved the way for the team's star players to find success. 

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Most divisive: Kenny Watson
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