The Best Musical Artists From Pennsylvania

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Only artists born or raised in Pennsylvania or bands formed in Pennsylvania.

Here are the best artists and bands from Pennsylvania. The Keystone State has spawned a great deal of musical talent over the years. The primary contribution of the state to the music scene was the Philly sound in the 1970s. This was a type of soul music that was characterized by intricate instrumental arrangements and funk influences. The genre helped lay the foundation for disco, and Pennsylvania's legacy in the music industry was cemented. The state has produced a lot more than just soul. The most famous Pennsylvania musical artists span genres and decades. 

No list of Pennsylvania musical acts would be complete without Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff. They weren't just born and raised in West Philadelphia for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. They were actually born and raised there in real life. Other hip hop artists that have come out of the state include Meek Mill, Eve, and Boyz II Men. If you like to get your groove on, then chances are good you've danced the night away to an artist out of Philly. Other popular Pennsylvania artists include Taylor Swift, Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Christina Aguilera, and Hall & Oates. 

The best musical artists from Pennsylvania are below, and there is a lot more than just rap and hip hop here. You will find rock bands, songstresses, jazz musicians, and so much more. Vote for your favorite musical artists, and your favorite Pennsylvania artists missing from the list. 

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