The Best Pepsi Flavors

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The best Pepsi flavors are there for you when you need them. There's the classic Pepsi everyone knows and loves alongside favorites like Diet Pepsi. Those Pepsi flavors are sure to be near the top but they're far from the only ones. The flavors featured on this list are all readily available flavors with the exception of Crystal Pepsi, but we included it because it tends to get a rerelease every so often. C'mon, we know you keep an eye on the drink aisle for an elusive Crystal Pepsi sighting. Or if you're more passionate about fruit flavors, you won't want to miss out on Pepsi Wild Cherry and Pepsi Mango. They each offer their own unique fruit spin on the original.

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  • Pepsi Wild Cherry

    Pepsi Wild Cherry

    71 votes

    For those times when you need something a little crazy, out of control, or dare we say... wild!

  • Pepsi


    67 votes

    It's the original and just like the shark, it has never had to change; been the same since 1961.

  • Pepsi Real Sugar

    Pepsi Real Sugar

    59 votes

    When it comes to Pepsi Real Sugar, accept no substitutes.

  • Crystal Pepsi
    Not available everywhere all the time, but when it is, we want it.
  • Pepsi Mango

    Pepsi Mango

    47 votes

    Shake up your taste buds with this exciting combination of flavors!

  • Pepsi Zero Sugar

    Pepsi Zero Sugar

    50 votes

    Say no to the sugar, not to the flavor.