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15 Robot/Artificial Intelligence Performances That Feel Surprisingly Human

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Actors who play robots (or other variations of artificial intelligence) have the difficult task of appearing human enough to develop as characters without ever losing sight of their true mechanized nature. With the right actor, these roles can lead to iconic performances that feel surprisingly human. Each of the actors below has brought life to an artificially intelligent character, memorable for the delicate balance between synthetic nature and human behavior.

These great performances include a variety of artificially created characters, including robots, androids, holograms, and computer programs. Each is designed for different purposes, with some made to be companions and others given extreme strength for physical labor or battle. They all have an appearance that is mostly human-looking  - or at least modeled to have a close resemblance. This human appearance makes the subtlety of the performances even more important. Whether in the mechanical behavior of the physicality or the vocal inflection in the delivery of lines, these choices made by actors can define a character.

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