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The Best Pescatarian Foods

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This list of Pescatarian foods is a selection of foods for Pescatarians who choose to eat fish, but not meat. Similar in ways to the Paleo diet, Pescatarians choose to eat largely like vegetarians or vegans, but with fish on the menu as a Pescatarian diet choice. 

Pescetarianism is a dietary choice in which a person eats any combination of vegetables, fruit, nuts, beans and fish or invertebrate seafood, but will not eat mammals or birds. This healthy diet choice incorporates more lean protein and food choice variety into the diet without indulging in traditional meat products. 

What are the best food choices for Pescatarians? What is Pescatarianism? What can't Pescatarians eat? Along with delicious meatless alternatives from companies like Gardein, Boca, and Lightlife, there are countless vegetable, gluten-free foods, and seafood choices to partake in when considering Pescatarianism. Make sure to upvote the top Pescatarian food choices when looking at this list of Pescatarian foods.