The Very Best Pet Magazines, Ranked

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If you adore your four-legged friend, you may want some good pet magazines full of tips on how to keep your animal companion healthy and happy. Whether you're a dog lover, cat lover, fish lover, or anything else, there are no shortage of publications about pets out there that share practical tips and heartwarming stories! If you're wondering what magazine is worth a monthly subscription, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find a ranked list of pet magazines. 

Magazines for pet owners provide tons of informative content! Along with features and product reviews, Modern Dog shares wellness tips with pet lovers. Just like the title suggests, All Creatures is a comprehensive magazine for pet-owners of all kinds. Cat owners will enjoy the cat-related content in the popular magazine Catster. There are also magazines out there for unconventional pets, like reptiles, horses, and farm animals. Vote up the best pet magazines below and feel free to add anything you feel is missing! 

Most divisive: Whole Dog Journal
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