The Best Subscription Boxes for Pet Owners

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Whether you're a die hard dog lover or a shameless fan of kitty kind, here you'll find a way to delight your furry friend each month with some of the world's best cat and dog owners subscription boxes. Get ready to indulge in cuteness overload as you check out some truly adorable cat and dog owners boxes and bundles that will make your pet an even bigger fan of you than they already are. 

Got a dog who loves chewing your furniture? Say "never again" with pet owners monthly crates full of durable chewy toys that are made to last. Or perhaps you've got a super curious kitty? Keep her entertained with toys and treats from some of the best crates around for kitty kind.

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    Bark Box

    Give your pooch a treat that will make them go all wiggly each month with BarkBox. Each crate contains a themed collection of at least 2 toys. 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a delicious chew. 

    • From $29/month
    • Discounts available for prepay 6-12 month prepay
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    Get ready to turn on your little one's purr machine each month with a box full of high-quality kitty toys, all-natural treats, and other fun surprises.

    • $19.99/month + free shipping
    • $29.99/month + free shipping for a multi-cat box
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    Surprise My Pets

    Surprise My Pets
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    Surprise My Pets offers monthly boxes of fun for both dogs and cats. Just tell them a bit about your pet or pets and they will send you them a monthly box full of toys, treats, and other fun items. Each box also helps a pet in need, as they donate to various charaties. 

    • From $28-$37/month
    • Discounts available for 3 month or yearly prepay
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    Got a little power chewer at home? Stop spending money on plush toys every couple of days and save your furniture all in one with BullyMake. Each box comes with 5-6 highly durable toys and treats (catered to any allergies your dog has) for the professional chewer in your life.

    • $39 / month
    • Discounts available for 3 month- 1 year prepay


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    Turn your dog or cat into a philanthropist in their own right with RescueBox. Each month they'll get over $40 worth of treats and toys while helping you donate to a worthy cause. For each box they receive, RescueBox will donate 5 lbs.of food and 2 vaccinations to shelter pets.

    • $29.95/month
    • Discounts available for 3 month- 1 year prepay
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    Treat your cat like the little king or queen they already believe themselves to be with a monthly box of treasures from MeowBox. Each month they'll get fun, stimulating toys, guilt free (often natural or handmade) treats, and of course a box which all cat lovers know is a prime treasure in itself.

    • $22.95 + free shipping/ either monthly or bi-monthly