The 30+ Best PG-13 Anime Movies

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Here is a list of PG-13 anime movies, ranked from best to worst, ranked by fans just like you. This list takes the best PG-13 anime movies and compares them to see once and for all which of these is the greatest PG-13 anime movie of all time. If you think the top PG-13 anime movie isn't as high as it should be then be sure to vote it up so it can take its rightful place among the other great anime films rated PG-13 on this list. If you're trying to find a specific film, you can search this list and filter to find what you're looking for. You'll find great movies like Princess Mononoke, Space Truckers, and many more.

If you're trying to find out "What are the best PG-13 anime movies?" then this list is the perfect resource for you, so use this list if you're looking for some new anime movies that are rated PG-13. Between Netflix, Hulu and other services there are thousands of great anime movies rated PG-13, so get out there and start watching. You can also share this list of PG-13 anime movies with your friends to see what they think of the order of the list.

Hayao Miyazaki and Andy Wachowski have both directed a Anime PG-13 film, as have other really creative and talented directors.

Most divisive: Appleseed Ex Machina
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  • Embarking on a morally complex and thrilling journey, viewers witness the fierce struggle between the gods of the forest and humans in a battle for survival. Ashitaka, a courageous young warrior, finds himself entangled in this conflict when he's cursed by a rampaging boar god. As he sets out to seek a cure, he encounters San, the fierce and enigmatic Princess Mononoke, whose loyalties lie with the animals of the forest. Together, they tread an intricate and dangerous path, attempting to restore balance between nature and humanity.

  • Bolstered by an adrenaline-pumping narrative and mesmerizing animation, this gripping tale showcases the young generation of superheroes-in-training aiming to make their mark. Deku and his classmates from U.A. High School find themselves pitted against a new villain with a horrific Quirk - Nine. As they scramble to protect their families, friends, and citizens on an isolated island, the stakes couldn't be higher. The urgency is palpable in this high-octane adventure that leaves viewers rooting for the future heroes as they face their toughest challenge yet.

  • Set against the backdrop of a glamorous floating city, our young heroes find themselves entwined in a sinister plot. While attending I-Expo, the world's leading exhibition of Quirk abilities and hero item innovations, Deku and the gang come across a mysterious caped figure on a mission to wreak havoc. As the plot thickens, Drawn into a perilous web of intrigue, the students must combine their Quirks and intellect to save the city and everyone in it. This gripping spin-off is a treat for fans, offering a fresh dose of action, suspense, and camaraderie.

  • Delving into the world of virtual reality gaming, our protagonist Kirito and his friends find themselves exploring a new world that seems deceptively familiar. As players defeat monsters and gather treasure in the highly popular AR game Ordinal Scale, the stakes become dangerously real. The lines between reality and the virtual world blur when Kirito and his team discover a dark secret lurking beneath the surface. With brilliant visuals and a captivating narrative, this masterpiece steers viewers through an action-packed, immersive experience that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

  • Taking us on a whirlwind journey through Tokyo's atmospheric streets, this enchanting tale follows the adventures of a runaway teenager named Hodaka. Fate brings him together with Hina, a young girl with the breathtaking power to change the weather. As their friendship blossoms, they navigate challenges and obstacles, all while trying to chase their dreams. This visually dazzling film showcases the magic of human connection and the transformative power of love, leaving viewers mesmerized by its beauty and inherent message.

  • Embarking on a thrilling quest, Luffy and his Straw Hat Crew are on the hunt for a missing crewmember in this thrilling adventure. A sinister figure from Gold Roger's past, Shiki the Golden Lion, takes a member of the crew hostage. Racing against time, the crew must face perilous situations and work together as they journey through floating islands teeming with monstrous creatures. This action-packed and visually stunning film delivers an adrenaline rush, as it showcases the unwavering loyalty and camaraderie that defines the Straw Hat Pirates.