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The Best Philadelphia Phillies Managers of All Time

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As a ball club for over 100 years, the Philadelphia Phillies have had many managers, but who is the best Philadelphia Phillies manager ever to sport the red pinstripes? This list ranks every Philadelphia Phillies manager in the team's long history from best to worst according to the votes of baseball fans like yourself. The list order changes based on votes, so vote up your picks for the best Phillies manager in franchise history and vote down any coaches who just didn't cut it.

Dallas Green was the first Phillies manager to lead the franchise to a World Series title. Green's Phillies won it all in 1980. Charlie Manuel was the only other Phillies manager to win a World Series, which he did in 2005. Manuel also holds the all time regular season wins record with 780.

So it's up to you to decide on the greatest Philadelphia Phillies skipper of all time. Vote up the winningest managers, and don't forget important stats. Or throw stats out the window and upvote the Phillies coaches you just like the most based on intangibles.