The Best Philadelphia Phillies Of 2023



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Coming into the 2023 MLB season, the Philadelphia Phillies roster has quickly garnered attention as one of the best and most intriguing rosters in all of baseball. Hot off of their latest World Series appearance in 2022, the baseball world was already prepared for the Phillies to come out swinging, but somehow the team managed to not only retain all of their best players but actually managed to get even better. With a roster filled with some of the most unique and exquisite talents in all of the MLB, this is leading to many fans and spectators around the league to ask the question, who is the best player on the Philadelphia Phillies?

Staples of the franchise like Kyle Schwarber and J.T. Realmuto have always been fan favorites and the emasculate pitching core of Aaron Nola, Zack Wheeler, and Taijuan Walker have more than held their own getting the franchise way to the World Series. However, with the return of franchise legend Bryce Harper imminent and the newly acquired Trae Turner looking to cement their names back in the history books, the 2023 Philadelphia Phillies roster has all the talent and promise in the world to not only make it back to the World Series but become the next great baseball dynasty.

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