The Best Phish Songs of All Time

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Vote based on the song itself, not necessarily the studio version (which is playable here), as we all know the live setting is where your favorite Phish songs come to life

List of the best Phish songs (no Phish covers - that will be a separate list), ranked by Phans like you. Phish is a highly influential jam band with a massive cult following. Formed at the University of Vermont, the band is known for their epic live shows and lengthy, complex songs which often fuse multiple genres together. Guitarist Trey Anastasio is known to play with several other big musical acts, including Dave Matthews and Phil Lesh, and the rest of the band has collaborated across the musical spectrum, but Phish the band is where the magic lies. This list includes every Phish single, from "Free" to "Down With Disease," but Phans know there are tons of great songs to vote on that never made it to the radio - in fact very few Phish songs ever made it to the radio. 

Music videos and audio videos are included next to each song name, so if you haven't heard it you can listen to it right here on this page. Is one of your favorite Phish songs missing from this poll? Add it to the list so it has a chance to rise to the top. If the order of this list bothers you, then stick it to the man by making your own version and re-ranking it. Simply click the "Rerank List" button and you can put the songs in whatever order you like.
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