The Best Pianists in the World

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The piano is one of the most popular and most diverse musical instruments in the world. The instrument has permeated through dozens of genres of music, lending itself to help create some of the most moving and emotional pieces of music in history. The people on this list are masters of the piano and are considered giants in the musical world, such as Lang Lang, Ludovico Einaudi, Vladimir Horowitz, Glenn Gould, and Grigory Sokolov. 

Whether you recognize these musicians or not, they've all carved a place out for themselves in the music business and have become influential and prominent figures in the industry. They are some of the most famous male pianists ever, and there are many talented famous female piano players as well. If you love geeking out on music, then we definitely recommend listening to some of their musical compositions. 

So, take a look through this list of living contemporary musicians, and vote up your favorite modern pianist in the world!