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What Won Best Picture The Year You Were Born?

Were you born the same year Meryl Streep cemented her legendary status by winning Best Supporting Actress in Best Picture winner Kramer v. Kramer? Or were you a child of the early '90s and born the same year Hannibal Lector changed the connotation of fava beans and chianti forever?

Since 1929, the Oscar of Merit has been doled out to Hollywood's favored golden children. While the inaugural ceremony only lasted 15 minutes and had no more than 270 guests, today's Oscars are broadcast across the globe to over 100 million viewers. The award's significance transcends mere viewership, though. Best Picture winners speak to the culture of an era, be it the post-Vietnam tensions depicted in The Deer Hunter or the suburban cynicism found in American Beauty

Check out these Oscar-winning movies by year and discover what film took home the gold when you entered the world. Perhaps you'll discover you were part of the collective consciousness that brought forth the bittersweet romance of Shakespeare in Love or epic heroism of Gladiator. What better way to discover the zeitgest that informed the very formation of your being than the Oscar-winning movie the year you were born? Life imitates art, after all.