23 Awesome Pics Of Actors With People They Played In Movies

There's no shortage of great biopics coming out of Hollywood, but often times the actor in the movie never gets to meet the real person they're portraying because, you know, they're dead and all. Sometimes, though, biopics are made while a person is still alive and in those glorious instances, the actors get to meet the real person they're playing. It adds a genuine dimension to the character and allows for the most accurate portrayal of a real person possible.

This compilation of pictures of real people with the actors who played them in a movie is both heartwarming and interesting for comparison purposes. From behind-the-scenes photos to stars at red carpet premieres, these are some of the best pictures of real people meeting the actor playing them. Some of these people got along so well during the production of the movies, in fact, that they kept in touch after production was completed.

This votable list of celebrities with the people they played in movies is here for you to vote on, so give an upvote to your favorite photos of real people with the actors who played them. And if getting a glimpse behind the scenes of movies interests you, check out the most amazing behind-the-scenes photos from iconic films.

Photo: flickr / CC0