The Best Picture Of Each US National Park

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The first national park - Yellowstone - was established as preserved land in 1872, keeping it from being occupied or sold. Ulysses S. Grant's act led to thousands of other acres turning into protected land across the country, and that land has been enjoyed by adventures for over a century. People flock to the parks to exercise, disconnect from the stressors of every day life, and simply take in the sights. Thankfully, while many people can't make it to all of the parks to see the ricers, rocks and trees, photographers have managed to capture the magic of the parks in pictures like Yosemite landscape photography does. 

Each park is known for something, whether that's a particular viewpoint or a certain type of tree, and the photos people take truly capture the magic they preserve. It's often even difficult to decide which picture is the "best." But pictures that capture the essence of the individual park - whether that be great Smoky Mountain pictures and the best photos of Yellowstone - can make viewers feel as though they've walked those paths and climbed those rocks.

So even if you can't visit the national parks of the United States, these pictures can transport you straight into the great outdoors.