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The Best Ping Pong Balls

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List of the best ping pong balls as ranked by avid players. Ping pong can be a great recreational activity. Whether you own a ping pong table or play at rec centers, having high quality ping pong balls can make a big difference. Although most ping pong balls look very similar and are usually white in color, the top rated ping pong balls perform much better during a game. You may be asking, "What makes the best ping pong balls so great?"

The best ping pong balls are very durable can be used game after game. They consistently hold their bounce and perform with great accuracy. Ping pong or table tennis balls are usually rated on a scale of one to three stars. Balls with three stars are known to be the best and balls with one are not as great. Most top ranked ping pong balls have a three star rating. Luckily, most ping pong balls are pretty cheap and are sold in bulk. The most common color for ping pong balls is white, but other colors are available.

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