The Best Songs on Pink Floyd's Album Wish You Were Here

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On the heels of what came to be their greatest album, Pink Floyd yet again proved themselves to be one of the most innovative rock bands with the release of Wish You Were Here. Just two years after Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd answered their best album with an equally great followup. Wish You Were Here, the band's ninth studio album, features only six tracks total tracks (including a split track). But don't let that fool you, as those six tracks came to be some of the best songs Pink Floyd would release—along with the most memorable. Not only that, but it could also be considered one of the greatest albums of their time.

Partly an ode to founding member Syd Barrett ("Shine On You Crazy Diamond"), and a stab at record companies ("Have a Cigar"), Wish You Were Here is as well written musically as it is lyrically. Featuring some more classic rock tunes, as well as the typical long and spacious tracks they so often made, the album is complete with those Gilmour guitar riffs and all. Moreover, it was Pink Floyd's second conceptual album, written by Roger Waters to reflect a lack of fellowship among band members. Nevertheless, the band apparently still worked quite well together.

Though the track count is limited, you can still help determine the best songs from Wish You Were Here. Check out each song below, have a listen if you need a refresher, and vote up your favorite songs accordingly. 

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