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The Best Movies and Series in the Pink Panther Franchise, Ranked

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The Pink Panther franchise has been entertaining audiences for almost five decades. The Pink Panther first came out in 1963 and delighted moviegoers with the antics of Inspector Jacques Clouseau played by Peter Sellers. All of these movies are classics or at least memorable but one of them has to be the funniest of The Pink Panther movies and animated series. Will it be the first Pink Panther film or maybe one of the follow-ups in the series such as A Shot in the Dark or Revenge of the Pink Panther that will make it to the top of the list? Or perhaps one of the animated TV shows will surpass them all.

If you've ever asked yourself, how many Pink Panther movies are there? Look below to see all the films featuring your favorite bungling inspector listed with the year they were released so you can watch them chronologically or in order of best to worst.

Your votes will help determine the best movies and series in The Pink Panther franchise. Vote up the movies and series you loved and vote down The Pink Panther films you didn't like to ensure the right movie makes it to the top of the list.

  • A Shot in the Dark
    Photo: A Shot in the Dark / United Artists
    A Shot in the Dark is a 1964 comedy film directed by Blake Edwards and is the second installment in The Pink Panther series. Peter Sellers is featured again as Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the French Sûreté. Clouseau's bungling personality is unchanged, but it was in this film that Sellers began to give him the idiosyncratically exaggerated French accent that was to become a hallmark of the character. The film also introduces Herbert Lom as his boss, Commissioner Dreyfus, and Burt Kwouk as his long-suffering servant, Cato, who would both become series regulars. Elke Sommer plays Maria Gambrelli. The film was not originally written to include Clouseau, but was an adaptation of a stage play...  more
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  • The Pink Panther Strikes Again
    Photo: The Pink Panther Strikes Again / United Artists
    The Pink Panther Strikes Again is the fifth film in The Pink Panther series and picks up where The Return of the Pink Panther leaves off. Released in 1976, Strikes Again is the third entry to include the words "Pink Panther" in its title, despite the fact the story does not involve the Pink Panther diamond. Unused footage from the film was later included in Trail of the Pink Panther....  more
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  • The Return of the Pink Panther
    Photo: The Return of the Pink Panther / United Artists
    The Return of the Pink Panther is the fourth film in The Pink Panther series, released in 1975. The film stars Peter Sellers in the role of Inspector Clouseau, returning to the part for the first time since A Shot in the Dark after having declined to reprise the role in Inspector Clouseau. The film was a commercial hit and revived a previously dormant series. Herbert Lom reprises his role as Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus from A Shot in the Dark; he remained a regular thereafter. The character of Sir Charles Lytton, the notorious Phantom, is now played by Christopher Plummer rather than David Niven, who was unavailable. The Pink Panther diamond once again plays a central role in the plot....  more
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  • Revenge of the Pink Panther
    Photo: Revenge of the Pink Panther / United Artists
    Revenge of the Pink Panther is the sixth film in The Pink Panther film series. Released in 1978, it was the last entry released during the lifetime of Peter Sellers. It is also the last entry to be distributed solely by United Artists, which merged with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1981. The opening credits were animated by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises....  more
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