The Best Pittsburgh Pirates of All Time

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This is a list of the greatest Pittsburgh Pirates in team history. Despite the franchise's recent run of futility, the Pittsburgh Pirates are one of the classic baseball teams with its roots going back as far as the 19th century. Founded in 1882 and joining the National League in 1887, the Pirates' history has always been topsy-turvy, with the team experiencing many peaks and valleys during its existence. The team has been to the World Series nine times, winning five.

One of the best players in baseball history and to don the famous black and yellow is Roberto Clemente. During his 18 seasons in the big leagues, Clemente made history as the first Hispanic player to win a World Series as a starter (1960), to receive an MVP Award (1966), and to receive a World Series MVP Award (1971). The slickfielding right fielder had an even 3,000 hits for his career and was a four-time batting champion. His death in 1972 shocked many when his plane crashed while he was his way to Nicaragua to deliver goods to earthquake victims in the Central American country. The Roberto Clemente Award is given to every year to a player with outstanding baseball playing skills who is personally involved in community work. Clemente is known as one of the greatest Pirates ever.

More recently, the "We Are Family" teams of the late '70s took home a World Series title in 1979 and had some of the best players in franchise history in Willie Stargell and Dave Parker. The early '90s should have been a period of prosperity for Pittsburgh when Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla and Doug Drabek were dominating baseball. But two heartbreaking playoff defeats and economics caused the end of that potential dynasty.

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