The Best Pittsburgh Steelers Kickers Of All Time

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The best Pittsburgh Steelers kickers ever have all had a part in some of the biggest moments in franchise history. NFL games can be won and lost by one or two points, making every made or missed kick of the greatest importance and every starting kicker a potential hero.

While recent stars like Jeff Reed and Chris Boswell have made their mark in the Steelers’ past, early standouts like Gary Anderson and Roy Gerela helped craft their own legacies in the old days of the franchise.

So which of these kickers from Pittsburgh history deserves to rank near the top of the list? Who is the best Steelers kicker of all-time? Vote below, and check back to see what other football fans thought.

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  • Gary Anderson
    305 votes

    Steelers Seasons: 1982-1994

    Gary Anderson, a South African-born kicker, was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1982 NFL Draft and soon became a key player in the 80s and 90s. Anderson earned a reputation for his accuracy and consistency under pressure, contributing significantly to the team's appearance in Super Bowl XXX and four AFC Championship games. Throughout his tenure, he racked up numerous accolades, including two Pro Bowl selections (1993, 1998) and three All-Pro honors (1992, 1993, 1998). Known for his strong leg and precise kicking style, Gary Anderson remains one of the best Steelers kickers in the franchise's history.

  • Chris Boswell
    322 votes

    Steelers Seasons: 2015-present

    Chris Boswell, affectionately known as "The Wizard of Boz," signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015 after going undrafted. Exhibiting an innate ability to convert clutch field goals, Boswell quickly endeared himself to the Steeler Nation. His remarkable performance during the 2017 season earned him a trip to the Pro Bowl and a long-term contract with the team. With a smooth kicking style and nerves of steel, Chris Boswell continues to be a reliable asset for the Steelers in high-pressure situations.

  • Jeff Reed
    217 votes

    Steelers Seasons: 2002-2010

    Jeff Reed, a folk hero of sorts in the Steel City, joined the Pittsburgh Steelers as an undrafted free agent in 2002, becoming an integral part of the team's two Super Bowl victories in the 2000s. Reed's unorthodox kicking style, which involved a unique leg swing, allowed him to master the tricky winds at Heinz Field, making him a fan favorite and a reliable go-to option in pressure-packed moments. Although not decorated with multiple individual awards, Reed's contributions to the franchise have left an indelible mark on the team's storied history. Jeff Reed's time as a Steeler may have lacked personal accolades, but his importance to the team can never be underestimated.

  • Roy Gerela
    142 votes

    Steelers Seasons: 1971-1978

    Roy Gerela's time with the Pittsburgh Steelers began in 1971 after a trade from the Houston Oilers. It wasn't long before Gerela became an instrumental force in the team's dynasty of the 1970s, earning three Super Bowl rings and a 1974 Pro Bowl selection. Called "Gerela's Gorillas," the dedicated fan base that formed around the Canadian kicker highlighted the impact players like Gerela had on the franchise during this golden era. With his booming leg and composed demeanor, Gerela consistently delivered under pressure and remains one of the all-time great kickers in Steelers history.

  • Bill Dudley
    69 votes

    Steelers Seasons: 1942, 1945-1946

    Bill "Bullet" Dudley, a versatile triple-threat player, joined the Pittsburgh Steelers as the first overall pick in the 1942 NFL Draft. Primarily known for his prowess as a halfback and punt returner, Dudley also displayed exceptional placekicking abilities, contributing significantly to the team's offensive output during the World War II years. His impressive performance in 1946 captured league-wide attention, earning him an MVP award, First-Team All-Pro honors, and a Pro Bowl selection. Though his time with the Steelers was relatively brief, Bill Dudley's multifaceted skillset and powerful kicking style left a lasting impact on the franchise.

  • Shaun Suisham
    145 votes

    Steelers Seasons: 2005, 2010-2015

    In 2010, Shaun Suisham signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers after stints with various teams, quickly becoming an essential component of the squad's special teams unit. Known for his reliability and accuracy, Suisham amassed numerous memorable field goals during his Steelers tenure and contributed to their Super Bowl XLV appearance. While he didn't earn any individual awards or accolades, Suisham's consistency under pressure and smooth kicking technique endeared him to the fan base. His career was unfortunately cut short by injury, but Shaun Suisham remains a beloved figure among the Steelers faithful.