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The Best Pixar Couples

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When it comes to creating the perfect couple, no one does it better than Pixar. These couples are known for making audiences laugh, cry, and feel the love. Whether viewers get to watch these characters meet and come together or root for already established couples to succeed, there’s no denying how charming these duos are.

The best Pixar couples tend to function together as a unit, but still have individual personalities that bring something special to their relationship. Regardless of their background, great couples can be found in every Pixar movie. From superheroes Bob and Helen Parr to tiny robots like WALL-E and EVE, and even classic toys like Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, these Pixar couples know a thing or two about love. Which do you think are the cutest Pixar couples?

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Photo: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

  • WALL-E and EVE
    Photo: Pixar
    362 VOTES

    WALL-E and EVE

    • Appears In: WALL-E
    362 votes
  • Carl and Ellie Fredricksen
    Photo: Pixar
    361 VOTES

    Carl and Ellie Fredricksen

    • Appears In: Up
    361 votes
  • Bob and Helen Parr
    Photo: Pixar
    261 VOTES

    Bob and Helen Parr

    • Appears In: The Incredibles, The Incredibles 2
    261 votes
  • Hector and Imelda Rivera
    Photo: Pixar
    216 VOTES

    Hector and Imelda Rivera

    • Appears In: Coco
    216 votes
  • Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera
    Photo: Pixar
    234 VOTES

    Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera

    • Appears In: Cars
    234 votes
  • Alfredo Linguini and Colette Tatou
    Photo: Pixar
    219 VOTES

    Alfredo Linguini and Colette Tatou

    • Appears In: Ratatouille
    219 votes