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The Best Pixar Shorts, Ranked

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While the films themselves are great, everyone looks forward to the Pixar shorts played before the movies starts—whether at home or in the theater. Since 1998, all the Pixar films have included these sweet shorts before the film starts, giving the audience a fantastic display of just what these filmmakers are capable of, as if the movie doesn't. Regardless, all Pixar short films are often comical and clever, and give us a little more bang for our buck. 

The best Pixar shorts boast incredible animation, cute creatures, and even a surprising twist. A big fan favorite has been Piper from the Finding Dory movie, which features some great animation and a life lesson or two. Other awesome shorts from include Partly Cloudy (Up), Day and Night (Toy Story 3), and La Luna (Brave)—but you'll find them all on the list of Pixar short films below. 

Which Pixar short do you think is the best? Check them all out below and cast a vote for your favorites. 

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