The Baddest Villains From Pixar Movies

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Every story about a hero needs a villain they can overcome, and some of the most popular villains from Pixar are some of the best. Whether they're threatening the hero directly or trying to take over the world, you can catch these villains wreaking all kinds of havoc on Disney+

The best Pixar villains aren't always human, though. In fact, most of the characters on this list consist of monsters, bugs, and even cars. The cutest Pixar villains can even be adorable toys. More often than not, these characters tend to hide their evil inclinations behind a soft and cuddly exterior. Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear looked like your everyday stuffed animal, but take one look behind those brown-button eyes and you’ll see one of the greatest villains in Pixar history.

While audiences typically want the hero to win in the end, sometimes you can't help but root for the bad guys too. Characters like Sid from Toy Story and Darla from Finding Nemo may have been bad, but they weren’t necessarily evil. Which villain is your favorite?

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